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Let the creativity begin! Now you can customize your own collars and sleeves! Our licensed, certified teacher will guide you through the technique. You will be able to draft any collar or sleeve that you choose once you master the fundamentals. The picture below is an example of a skirt pattern that may be drafted using this system.

This interactive unit study guides you step by step through the pattern drafting process. Use your new pattern drafting skill in order to design a line of modest attire, become a custom designer, open your own business, or build your personal wardrobe. Full creativity is in your control.

Beginner Level Unit

Interactive Course DVD & Instruction Manual


This unit study covers six major topics:

1. Tools of the Trade

2. Taking Measurements

3. Drafting All Sorts of Collars

4. Drafting Bishop Sleeves

5. Drafting Pagoda Sleeves

6. Drafting Cap Sleeves

7. Drafting Petal Sleeves





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