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How To Take Your Measurements For A Custom Fit

Taking accurate measurements is essential to the pattern drafting and custom dressmaking process. We strongly encourage those who live locally to come in to the shop to be measured. However, we know this is not always possible, therefore we have provided this guide as a reference on how to take your measurements accurately to ensure a perfect fit. Feel free to submit your measurements using the form below.

Bodice Measurements - click here for larger image

Click on image for a larger view.

1. Ctr. Bodice Length: Taken from bottom center of neck to the waistline.
2. Full Bodice Length:Taken from the top of shoulder to the waistline
3.Shoulder Point Width:
4.Chest Measurement: Taken across the front chest directly above the bustline.
5.Full Bodice:Taken across the front of the bustline.
6.Shoulder Width: Taken from side of neck to the tip of shoulder.
7. Neck: 1/4 of full neck measurement.
8.Shoulder Pitch: Taken from tip end of shoulder to the center waist point.
9.Bust Point Width: The width between each bust point.
10.Bust Point Height: The height of bust from the waist.
11. Front Hip: Taken from right side of hip across the front to the left side of hip.
12. Back Hip: Taken fromt he right side of hip across the buttocks to the left side of hip.

For Skirts:

You will need to take the following measures:

  • Full Waist Measure the full circumference of your waistline.
  • Full Hip: Measure the full circumference of your hips to include the largest part of your rear end.
  • Front To Floor: Take the measure from the center front of your waist directly to the floor.
  • Side To Floor: Take the measure from the center of your side waist directly to the floor.
  • Back To Floor: Take the measure from the center of your back waist directly to the floor.


How to take your skirt measurements


**** Your order may or may not require all the measurements listed below. Simply submit the measurements requested for your order. For a truly custom fit, you should submit all the measurements. Thank You. ****

Measurement Submission Form
Ctr Bodice Length Full Hip
Full Bodice Length Front Waist to Floor
Shoulder Point Width Side Waist to Floor
Chest Back Waist to Floor
Full Bodice Width Overarm (top of shoulder to wrist)
Shoulder Width Underarm (armpit to wrist)
Neck Bicep
Shoulder Pitch Wrist
Bust Point Width    
Bust Point Height    
Full Waist    



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